Farewell and Hello for UKOWLA Trustees

UKOWLA Trustees bid a fond farewell to Sarah Hamlet today, as she finalises her work on the Global School Partnerships programme, which comes to and end on 31st March 2012. Sarah was thanked for her significant contribution to her work on this programme for UKOWLA and received a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, new Trustees Harriet Awuha and Cristina Bennett were welcomed to their first Trustees meeting, in which their contribution was much appreciated.


One thought on “Farewell and Hello for UKOWLA Trustees

  1. I am biased since I’m Chair of UKOWLA Trustees but in a very difficult climate for international solidarity this group of people are real community champions, making real contributions to the organisation and not just turning up at meetings. Thankyou everyone, especially the staff, based at The GLADE Centre in Ilminster, for your continued support and commitment.

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